Our butler recommends a stay in Vinci at the Monna Caterina Wine Resort.

Tuscany seen with Leonardo’s eyes. Arriving in Vinci at sunset before dinner you can imagine the largely unchanged landscape and the medieval village that inspired Leonardo da Vinci since he was a child, son of the rich notary Sir Piero and the beautiful Caterina. It is right here in Vinci bricks in the heart of Tuscany between Florence and Pisa in a geographical area between the Montalbano hills and the Arno river, represented by an agricultural culture developed over the centuries.

The geological composition of the territory here is varied with mountains, hilly areas and strips of plain. It seems to be in a painting: Leonardo probably depicted these gentle slopes in the background of the Monna Lisa.

The resort

The privilege of being able to make wine in what was little Leonardo’s home and where he took his first steps is a source of pride for the Landi family and very inspirational. The geological characteristics made these lands chosen to plant vineyards and produce a unique and specific wine. The grapes are harvested manually and in boxes by selecting the best bunches, then treated with great rigor and passion to produce a fine wine.

Monna Caterina Wine Resort is an ancient farmhouse, home to Leonardo’s mother, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, a place of culture, relaxation and pleasure for guests eyes and for the palate. Even a restaurant has also been created here which offers the most faithful traditional cuisine and you can taste all the traditional regional dishes with authentic ingredients prepared in the area.

The Monna Caterina resort is furnished with a constant interaction between design and country styles, respecting and enhancing the uniqueness of the ancient rural building but making it modern with numerous additions of contemporary furnishing accessories, in a dialogue between old and new with the presence of contemporary works of art with a Leonardo theme.

In this period of the year, the moment of the harvest between the end of Summer and the beginning of Autumn, the Monna Caterina Wine Resort will be able to seduce guests with the colour of the foliage and the landscape that surrounds it, the cuisine of typical dishes and the tasting of noble wines.

Monna Caterina Wine Resort is 1.3 Km from the Leonardiano Museum of Vinci and 23 Km from Firenze airport.


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