Marco Poli – Ph. Alberto Lagomaggiore



I was grown in a solid house of red bricks and granite. With a garden. A house with a fascinating history.
That one of a distillery… stills, bottles and experiments. Creativity was always there. I decided to host this archive in my family house.

And to dedicate myself to my unconscious passion, that of Textile, which grown up and was fueled by my professional activity, dating of people who have became friends, Textile enterpreneurs, designers and creatives. Journalists.

I worked for magazines which allowed me in getting deeper this matter (fashion and lifestyle); I worked for an important textile company travelling and selling fabrics to world famous designers.
I always hang out designers and show-rooms who keep me constantly updated about the trends of the taste; a dealing that enriches me day by day. This is The Style Lift. This is my home and my passion.

The Style Lift

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