A special friend, Felice Pioni, almost a father for me, left to me his Textile collection, result of important collaborations of a lifetime.

And of his own special passion. Over a long prestigious journey he had the opportunity to work aside designers who made the history of Ready-to-Wear and Textile enterpreneurs as well. From 1970 up to 2000.

A Textile Archive even representing the history of Costume, samples of fabrics hard to be found, rare, that can facilitate the inspiration for designers, style offices, creatives of fashion brands, Textile and Home Design.

And that throughout The Style Lift will have the opportunity to get on their own table in fast-fast time the synthesis of a mood that they wish to get deeper into.

Or they could personally browsing the archive or even renting samples to study, elaborate them with calm close viewing. Close To The Body. Useful suggestions about Body Style Evolution for garments producers.

Intensive monthly half day Workshop will be organized with the collaboration of Hėlène Blignaut, Body Style Evolution expert, Lecturer in international Universities and writer of essays.

The Style Lift

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